A world of trust

Every organisation has a mission, with which it indicates why it exists in the first place. By means of this mission, the organisation makes promises and raises expectations among its employees and other stakeholders. Essential stakeholder trust is created when the organisation lives up to those expectations, in words and deeds (‘say what you do and do what you say’). Or by offering an acceptable alternative if the promise cannot be fulfilled. Trust that is therefore created by integrity.


Integrity and trust when dealing with change

Major socio-economic themes such as Sustainability (ESG), Diversity/Inclusion and Digitalisation require that your organisation continuously adapts. This implies continuous communication with your internal and external stakeholders. About your change objective and your progress. About how your organisation puts its money where its mouth is. And about the way in which you fulfil promises and expectations. This creates trust and positive engagement. And they last. With integrity – in deed and word – that strengthens and enhances the value of your organisation.


Societal value

Our agency is called ‘Value@Stake’ for a reason. We too have a mission: ‘To contribute to a better world through strategic and tactical communication advice’. That is why our consultants regularly give advice – in addition to their work for clients – to social organisations that share our values and ambitions for the world. And who – with integrity – ‘just’ do what they promise (‘Walk the Talk’). Like protecting what deserves to be protected. Or changing what urgently needs changing. We are happy to help these organisations – partly through honest communication – to gain trust and realise their ambitions.