Every day we are confronted with social, ecological and technological developments that are structurally changing our society: Digitalisation, Diversity and Sustainability. Organisations that deal with this well are the winners of tomorrow.

It requires authentic organisations and leaders with a clear mission and the commitment to make that mission a reality. We are convinced that this is only possible by acting and communicating with integrity (‘saying what you are going to do and then doing it as you promised’). This is the only way to win the trust of employees, partners and customers. And trust increases workability and therefore performance.

This emphasis on the workability of organisations becomes even greater now that all organisations are faced with often immense challenges in the areas of Digitalisation, Diversity and Sustainability (in Dutch: ‘Duurzaamheid’), also known as the three Ds, which e.g. define the curriculum of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.



The coronapandemic has accelerated the change in the way we work, shop and interact. Probably for good. Much of what we do has become ‘virtual’ or ‘hybrid’. Although personal, human contacts and physical experiences remain irreplaceable, of course. But for every organisation the rule is: ‘Digitize or Fail!



The up-and-coming generation (‘GenZ’) finds ethnic, cultural and gender equality much more self-evident than previous generations. They are more critical, idealistic and activist than their predecessors. They will soon form the largest group of customers and employees of organisations and companies. Many are starting their own disruptive businesses. For many organisations, the following therefore applies: you don’t have to beat them, join them!



Climate, biodiversity, a good and healthy living environment for people and animals are becoming more and more urgent. Consumer activism, laws and regulations and court rulings are forcing companies to radically change their working methods and reduce their ecological footprint. There is no Planet B.

Companies and organisations that wholeheartedly embrace the challenges of Digitalisation, Diversity and Sustainability have a world of value to gain. First and foremost for themselves and their stakeholders. Those who profess this with their mouths but do not live up to it, will get their money back. Green-washing, Purpose-washing or any other form of ‘washing’ is therefore by definition non-integral. It puts organisations and their stakeholders (shareholders, business partners, employees and customers) on the wrong track. As a result, they make wrong decisions that are harmful to themselves and others. We are convinced that there is little future for this type of company.

There is a lot at stake ...

We would like to join the German historian and philosopher Philipp Blom, who in his book “What is at stake” (Carl Hanser Verlag, 2017) addresses the dilemmas of the present time:

“New conceptions of whole societies, economic models, democracies, social practices, digital interaction and, finally, ideas and identities represent the greatest challenge. The biggest common project imaginable. Through that process (could) a dynamic emerge that gives people hope again.”

Value@Stake’s mission is to contribute to a better world. We do this by helping our clients to earn and keep the trust of their stakeholders, through authentic leadership and communication with integrity. After all, there is a world of value at stake.