Managing Partner

Edwin van Wijk is founder and managing partner of Value@Stake. He advises clients on corporate communications crisis and issues management. In recent years, he has mainly focused on restructuring and change communications. For example, he advised the board of directors of V&D Groep during 2015 and regularly spoke to the media as a spokesperson on behalf of the board and the trustees. Before founding Value@Stake, Edwin led the financial communications practice of a large international communications consultancy. In the years before, he worked for blue chip Dutch financial institutions including Delta Lloyd, Robeco and MeesPierson.

“If there is anything I find important, it is authenticity and integrity. Don’t haggle with principles but stand firm and do what is important, even if it is not in your own interest. My grandfather fought as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War against the fascists; that has always appealed to me.

Perhaps it also explains why, as an adolescent, I wanted to become a policeman and why I was one in the early 1980s. My shining example was press officer Klaas Wilting. What he did – making sure that the media and the public would have more understanding and appreciation for (and trust in) the police – I wanted that too! You can safely say that that is still my mission and inspiration; to correct misperceptions and prejudices. Adjusting expectations. Strengthening trust.

I like to spend my free time with my wife and our studying sons. I also enjoy drawing and painting and am interested in art and architecture, especially those of the 1960s and 1970s, which are very dear to my heart. At the Association for Heritage Heemschut, therefore, I am committed to the preservation and greater appreciation of post-war architecture.”


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