Strategy Director & Partner

Michael Renssen is our specialist in the field of integrated corporate and marketing communication concepts. After studying political science, he worked for a long time at the Utrecht Jaarbeurs, where he was responsible for the organisation of large national and international (trade) fairs and cross-media events. In 2002, he made the switch to the financial sector and became responsible for the marketing communication, events and sponsoring of Delta Lloyd Insurance. Before joining Value@Stake in 2015, he worked as a marketing PR and social & digital lead consultant at a renowned international communications consultancy.

“The path along the Kromme Rijn river, between Utrecht and Bunnik, six kilometres long. It starts behind my house. I walked the path as a little boy with my father. It made an indelible impression even then. Curved, so many bends, sometimes unpredictable, sometimes impassable, but often breathtakingly beautiful. I walk it a few times every month. Does it symbolise my life and my daily work?

Sometimes I think so. In corona time, I walked the path even more often. Together with my wife or alone. To enjoy the nature that has been given free rein along the Kromme Rijn. To get ideas. Or to contemplate on what is really important, on what is at stake in business and private life. Worldwide and close by. That is a lot. Essential transitions are unavoidable. Resolute changes, like the many bends in the Kromme Rijn river. Changes in our lifestyle and our world view. And in the way my profession, communication, must be practised, more honestly, more with integrity. As a partner of Value@Stake and board member of the Oasebos Foundation, I try to contribute to this. In the interest of our customers, of the rainforest, for a sustainable and tenable future.”


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