Associate Director

Edi Cohen has years of experience advising corporate, financial and public sector clients on corporate communications and public relations. She is an expert in media relations, corporate writing and generating original thought leadership and publicity in the media. She draws on twenty years of experience as a journalist with The Banker magazine and The Independent in London and Het Financieële Dagblad, and is co-author of “Grenzen aan transparantie” (Contact, 2009). She was a director at CFF Communications for eight years, currently teaches communication at the Hogeschool van Leiden and is a supervisor and chairman of the audit committee at a care institution.

“Finding out about the motives of people and organisations is a source of inexhaustible interest and curiosity for me.  Why are organisations, but also family and friends, not always clear and transparent in their actions? Behind every person and behind every company there is a story, sometimes a long and complicated one, sometimes a short and simple one, but mostly the reason for past and present behaviour.”


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